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Michael Bloom Ph.D. The Brave New World of Antidepressants: No Need to Grieve

Today's prevailing model of depression is that it results from an imbalance of neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.  This e-book argues that depression is best viewed as a pathological form of grief response.  This has profound implications for clinical practice. (38 pgs)

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Silvano Arieti M.D. & Jules Bemporad M.D. Severe and Mild Depression

This is an original view of the causes and treatment of depression.  While not denying the contribution of constitutional and biochemical factors, the authors focus on the psychodynamics and psychotherapy of this widespread disorder.  The book is devoted to psychotherapy of all states and includes separate chapters on therapy for postpartum depression, and involuntary melancholia. (1049 pgs)

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Ennio Cipani Ph.D. Punishment on Trial

Punishment is a controversial topic, but one that parents face daily: to use or not to use?  Professionals need answers that are based on factual information.  This book provides that source.  Techniques that alter undesirable child behavior, backed by research studies as well as live cases, are presented.  Finally a model for responsible use of punishment is presented. (347 pgs)

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Theodore Lidz M.D. The Person: His and Her Development Throughout the Life Cycle

This book has been accepted as the definitive text of personality development. "Dr. Lidz brings to THE PERSON a rich experience as an academician, theorist, and clinician.  What especially comes through is the warm, compassionate clinician calling on a lifetime of experience and intimacy with the literature."  Psychiatrist's Bookshelf (940 pgs)

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Helmut Thomä & Horst Kächele Psychoanalytic Practice: Vol 1: Principles

This work keeps the issue of the relationship of psychoanalytic theory to practice, which is often glossed over, at the center of attention. Technique is not simply the application of theory. There is a broad range of psychoanalytic therapies - Kleinian, Bionian, Lacanian, object relational, self psychological - that represent the application of the same psychoanalytic theoretical understanding of the mind. Psychoanalysis as theory and as practice is enhanced by this confrontation. (1213 pgs)

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Margaret H. Bean; Edward J. Khantzian; John E. Mack; George E. Vaillant Dynamic Approaches to the Understanding and Treatment of Alcoholism

A range of theoretical positions about alcoholism within psychiatry are compared. Vaillant presents a disease model of alcoholism.  Bean is concerned with understanding the dynamics by which alcoholics and those around them are able to deny the condition.  Zinberg defines alcohol addiction within its social context.  Mack looks at alcoholism's effects and problems as they are centered around the "self" and the social context.  Khantzian, in direct opposition to Vaillant, presents a defense of traditional psychiatric treatment for alcoholism.(465 pgs)

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Albert Rothenberg M.D. The Creative Process of Psychotherapy

In this work creativity in psychotherapy is a  rigorous and yet intuitive process.  Rothenberg describes three processes: homospatial, janusian and articulation. He offers examples from well-known psychoanalysts as Ralph Greenson,Theodore Reik and Jacob Arlow, from such family therapists as Lyman Wynne and the Milan team, and from Milton Erickson and his followers. This original work is a masterful guide to freer creativity in clinical practice. (575 pages)

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Dorothea McArthur Ph.D. ABPP Defining Moments: Breaking Through Tough Times

Presents effective ways to examine unresolved issues that may be causing anger, anxiety, or depression by looking at each one's life story to discover childhood survival skills needed to handle adversity. These skills are then altered to better accommodate the present and future in a successful way. (317 pages)

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Perry Meisel Ph.D., Editor Freud: A Collection of Critical Essays

Literature's classic assessments and analyses of Freud, from early modernism to contemporary linguistic criticism.  Beginning with one of Freud's first English reviewers, Leonard Woolf, the collection continues through the decades with essays by John Crowe Ransom, Thomas Mann, W. H. Auden, Kenneth Burke, Lionel Trilling, Stanley Edgar Hyman, Alfred Kazin, Jacques Derrida, Steven Marcus and Harold Bloom.

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Jeffrey Kottler Ph.D. Compassionate Therapy: Working with Difficult Clients

How does a therapist handle a manipulative or controlling client? How can one overcome intense hostility in an uncooperative client? Arguing that therapeutic conflict can be a constructive force, this book shows how therapists can use the struggle to examine their own abilities, deepen their compassion and develop flexibility. (260 pages)

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Dr. John C. Coleman Working with Troubled Adolescents: A Handbook

The field of adolescent therapy is alive and well. Innovation is occurring, professionals are questioning their practice and, theoretical developments are opening up avenues for the exploration of new approaches to treatment. Work with adolescence is a growing, changing and demanding field. Therapists need to know as much as possible about what others are doing and this book provides that opportunity. It will stimulate and encourage those who dip into it. (600 pgs)

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H. Charles Fishman M.D. Treating Troubled Adolescents: A Family Therapy Approach

Based on years of clinical experience, this book presents a clear, immensely practical approach to the assessment and treatment of adolescents with severe emotional problems. Using full-length case examples with incisive commentary, Fishman demonstrates how the principles of structural family therapy - including enactment, unbalancing, and reframing - are successfully applied to such issues as delinquency, violence, suicide, runaways, and incest. (254 pgs)


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Jill Savege Scharff M.D. & David E. Scharff M.D. The Therapist's Internal Objects

"Arguably the finest contemporary teachers of object relations theory." –Christopher Bollas
"Their work is at every turn firmly grounded in richly personal clinical discussions in which the complex experience of being with patients under a very wide range of circumstances is powerfully conveyed and thoughtfully considered."–Thomas H. Ogden (17 pgs)

Full text available from Amazon.

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Albert J. Solnit M.D. (Editor), Donald J. Cohen M.D. (Editor), Peter B. Neubauer M.D. (Editor) The Many Meanings of Play: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

Play is an effective means for the child to come to understand and cope with unhappiness and conflict. The collaborative play of analyst and patient has served as an important way for the analyst to convey insights to the child.  In this book, twenty prominent psychoanalysts explore children's play and its implications throughout life. (447 pgs)

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Samuel Slipp M.D. Object Relations: A Dynamic Bridge Between Individual and Family Therapy

The concepts presented here draw on the richness of psychoanalysis, with its emphasis on early development and conflict, and the dramatic findings of family therapy, which have concentrated on here-and-now interaction. A scientific basis for theory and treatment is presented that integrates these two approaches through the use of object relations theory.  This integration will prove beneficial to family therapy, to psychoanalysis and to psychiatry, but most of all to those suffering from the pain of emotional disorders. (318 pgs)

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Martin S. Livingston, Ph.D. Near and Far: Closeness and Distance in Psychotherapy

This book is groundbreaking in its exploration of the controversial question of the therapist's humanness and personal involvement in the analytic process while still maintaining a psychoanalytic foundation and a sense of his own separateness and professionalism. NEAR AND FAR distills the experience-distance conceptual contributions of modern object relations theory, and presents it in a form which is experience-near, and thus highly relevant to the clinician. (227 pgs)

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Jeffrey Kottler Ph.D. The Compleat Therapist

How can therapists practice so differently yet achieve similar results? Kottler identifies the traits all good therapists have in common and combines the most effective healing practices into one coherent framework. He also shows how to integrate these characteristics into your own practice. (234 pages)

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Myra Levick Ph.D., ATR-BC See What I'm Saying: What Children Tell Us Through Their Art

As with all art, children's art expresses something about the child who created it. Children's pictures are often assumed to be "innocent" - freely expressed and totally void of any "hidden meanings". As with all art, children's art expresses something about the child who created it, something which has meaning for the child. This book gives practical tools for assessing children's intellectual and emotional development from their art work. (150pgs)

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Jesse D. Geller, Ph.D. Psychotherapy: Portraits in Fiction

This book contains 19 fictional portrayals of psychotherapy. The works of the imagination can make concrete and palpable the atmosphere, texture, rhythm, nuances and tensions of therapy. These stories focus on the neurotic and character problems and the crises of everyday living—the inability to love, blocked creativity, the incapacity to mourn—that people bring to psychotherapy. Among the writers are:  John Updike, Joyce Carol Oates, Bruce Jay Friedman and Lillian Ross. (321 pages)

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Samuel Slipp M.D. The Quest for Power: Religion and Politics

Dr. Samuel Slipp, a psychoanalyic scholar and neurological researcher, draws on the words of Freud, the teachings of Jesus and his own original work to point his finger not at religion as the cause of many of the world's ills but at what corrupts religion - power. He finds that belief itself is inextricably intertwined with the human condition and argues that reason and religion must be reconciled for the benefit of mankind's future. (218 pgs)

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Janet Miller Wiseman Mediation Therapy: Short-Term Decision Making for Relationships in Conflict

Reaching decisions about whether to marry, divorce, or separate; to live with someone, or to institutionalize an aging parent or a special needs child can be extremely painful. Blending a therapeutic approach with skills drawn from mediation, conflict resolution, and decision making theory, this practical sourcebook shows mental health professionals how to help couples and their families reach a decision about their future through sensitive, structured intervention. 

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Helmut Thomä & Horst Kächele Psychoanalytic Practice: Vol 2: Clinical Studies
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Benjamin B. Wolman & George Stricker Editors Anxiety and Related Disorders: A Handbook

There has been enormous progress in our understanding of the origins of clinical anxiety as well as in our ability to treat it, but there is yet no consensus as to its causes and cures.  Over the course of twenty-one chapters, distinguished representatives from most major schools of thought offer their approaches to and insights into etiology, dynamics, symptomatology, diagnosis, treatment  strategies, and more.

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Benjamin B. Wolman & George Stricker Editors Depressive Disorders: Facts, Theories, and Treatment

This book provides an invaluable syntheses of the extensive factual and theoretical material concerning depressive disorders, easily the most widespread of mental problems.  With contributions by 27 highly regarded experts, it is divided into three  parts, dealing in turn with theoretical viewpoints, symptomology, diagnostic and treatment methods.  Bearing witness to a diversity of approaches, the text is not limited to one theory or school of research, but offers an encyclopedic view of the entire body of empirical data, concepts and treatment methods.

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Silvano Arieti M.D. Interpretation of Schizophrenia

This work has been hailed by reviewers as a "work of great importance", a "monumental work that will have profound and lingering influence on all students concerned with an understanding of schizophrenia" and "the most comprehensive presentation of the subject since that of Bleuler in 1911." Some of the outstanding sections are: the psychodynamic mechanisms of childhood and adolescence, the structural analysis of schizophrenic thought and language, and the development of the catatonic process. 

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Ennio Cipani Ph.D. Helping Parents Help Their Kids
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Joseph Reppen Ph.D., Jane Tucker Ph.D., & Martin A Schulman Ph.D. Editors Way Beyond Freud : Postmodern Psychoanalysis Observed

This volume focuses on postmodern psychoanalysis.  The thirteen contributors engage the reader in a stimulating exchange and dialogue about the postmodern turn in psychoanalysis. They advocate, critique or simply observe this contemporary phenomenon with superb scholarship. The antecedents can be found in a wide range of authors from Ferenczi to Sullivan, who disdain reductionism, reject the concept of neutrality, and support a two-person psychology. This is a cutting-edge dialectic written by noted authorities.

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Howard Gardner Ph.D. The Quest for Mind

Gardner examines the work of Jean Piaget, the developmental psychologist who brought the rigors of scientific procedure to the examination of the unfolding mental processes of the child and Claude Levi-Strauss, who revolutionized his discipline by establishing the universal aspects of thought processes and functions through his innovative study of primitive peoples.  Gardner comments as well on the work of such other structuralists as Noam Chomsky, Roman Jakobson and Edmund Leach.

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Paul Crits-Christoph Ph.D. & Jacques P. Barber Ph.D., Editors Handbook of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

This book thoroughly describes ten different approaches to short-term dynamic psychotherapy:  the traditional short therapies, including Time Limited Psychotherapy devised by James Mann, Short-Term Anxiety-Provoking Psychotherapy first developed by Peter Sifneos, and Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy originated by Habib Davanloo. It then turns to newer approaches, ranging from the Vanderbilt Approach to Time-Limited Dynamic Therapy of Stress Response Syndromes, from Dynamic Supportive Psychotherapy to Brief Adaptive Psychotherapy.

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