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Taming the Id and Strengthening the Ego
Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment of Attempted Suicide
Genetics of Affective Disorders
Depressive States and Somatic Symptoms
Mood Disorders and Self Defeating Behaviors
Levels of Depression
The Quest for Mind
Cognitive and Behavioral Theories of Depression
Depression: The Psychosocial Theory
Biological Theories of Depression
Existential Approaches to Depression
Psychoanalytic Views on Depression
The World Within and The World Without: Essays on Therapy Travel and Self-Discovery
Chinese American Family Therapy: A New Model for Clinicians
Adolescent Parental Separation
Anxiety and Related Disorders: A Handbook
Infant Development
The Family: The Developmental Setting
The Life Cycle: Introduction
Sexual Functions in Women and Their Disturbances
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Terry A. Kupers M.D. Revisioning Men's Lives: Gender, Intimacy, and Power
Downloads: 0Publisher: International Psychotherapy Institute
Terry A. Kupers M.D. Ending Therapy: The Meaning of Termination

Does therapy go on too long? How can its success be judged?  What do therapists say about ending therapy? What is the role of economics? This book confronts these questions, exploring when, how, and why therapy ends.

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C. Fred Alford Narcissism: Socrates, the Frankfurt School, and Psychoanalytic Theory

Alford applies the psychoanalytic theory of narcissism to the philosophies of Socrates and Frankfurt School members Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, and Jurgen Habermas, contending that it can illuminate basic philosophical issues such as the nature of the ideal society, the integrity of the self, and the role of reason in human affairs.

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Judith M. Hughes From Freud's Consulting Room

Hughes charts the development of Freud's ideas through his clinical work, the successes and failures of his most dramatic and significant case histories, and the creation of a discipline recognizably distinct from its neighbors. Hughes also traces the evolution of Freud's conception of the analytic situation and of the centrality of transference, again through the clinical material, including the case of Freud himself, who at one point figured as his own chief patient.    "A tour de force - original, incisive, and a pleasure to read."  Paul Robinson<

Downloads: Publisher: International Psychotherapy Institute
Edward Shorter From the Mind Into the Body

When we fall ill with psychosomatic pain, our symptoms most often - and quite unconsciously - reflect our particular ethnic group, age, class or gender. Shorter reveals for the first time just how stress, popular notions, and social forces together construct many of our symptoms and create much of our pain.

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Jeffrey Berman Ph.D. The Taking Cure: Literary Representations of Psychoanalysis

Berman examines a distinguished group of authors with disparate attitudes towards psychoanalysis: early 20th-century feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman, F.Scott Fitzgerald, T.S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath, Joanne Greenberg (Hannah Green), Doris Lessing, Vladimir Nabokov, Philip Roth, and D.M. Thomas. He explores various issues but tends to return to the relationship between the creative process and the therapeutic process: how artists can heal themselves and others by turning their sufferings into art.

Downloads: 0Publisher: International Psychotherapy Institute
Jeffrey Berman Ph.D. Narcissism and the Novel

"Professor Berman has tackled one of the most elusive, yet central concepts of psychoanalytic theory and has managed to integrate and clarify the many confusing and contradictory writings on the subject. Marvelously incisive and inventive, the book will delight the lay reader and yet meet all scholarly standards of psychology and lterature. Narcissism and the Novel is a book that gratifies both heart and mind. It is instructive, entertaining, provocative, clever, witty, empathic, judgmental, and highly original. It is a work of art, a scholarly tour de force and truly a generous gif

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