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17 comments on “Testimonials

  • Saudi Arabia:

    Your site is a treasure jar where I found a lot of help finding and understanding myself before I understand my clients. As a family adviser, it provided me information and experience that I need. Thank you for the great effort.

  • China:

    I want to know more about psychology in theory and technique and new methods, and in China this kind of resources are restrained for many reasons. IPI was so selfless and accommodating and in kindness gave us the chance to share these very good books. Thanks!

  • Sherly Tania B. says:


    Thanks a Million! You help people as me, who are psychologist in a third country, to have a better performance with people in need and to develop new skills.

  • Croatia:

    The books I have from You are marvelous, professional and stimulating for new ways of thinking and consciousness widening. Best regards and success

  • Poland:

    I owe you much. I can read books which I cannot buy in my country. Thanks for this possibility.

  • Bro. Bayani P.E. says:


    Thank you for the ebooks that you have so generously shared to psychotherapist like me in this part of the globe which is a third world country. These books serve as an important resource and training material not only in my personal counseling practice but also in the training that I conduct to our pastors and workers here in the Philippines.

  • G. Michael S. M.A., MSW says:


    The IPI site & books have been a godsend for me. It’s enabled me to acquire skills & knowledge that I otherwise would have not had access to which enables me to better help clients. Bless you & wish you the best.

  • Francisco R. M. MD., Ph.D. says:


    Local currency regulations make it almost impossible to buy books, as they would cost near to ten times their suggested price in other countries. For all, but specially for our students, your program is a blessing.

  • Turkey:

    I am a psychotherapist and most of the time I really have much difficulty in accessing useful resources. Finding this site makes me so happy.

  • India:

    I am grateful to you all for giving such an opportunity to the upcoming psychotherapist like us to learn more and more practical as well as theoretical aspects of psychology and psychotherapies which would otherwise be difficult. I would like to learn and know more from your upcoming ebooks.

  • Slovenia:

    Exellent idea to offer useful books for professionals all over the world, who are not able to pay for literature. Thank you.

  • Pakistan:

    I found it amazing. The knowledge is freely available and is easily accessible. The website is developed in a simple way so it is more convenient to use.

  • Slovenia:

    When knowledge transforms into wisdom, a quest for financial benefits transforms into a quest for a way of benefiting others. Thank you for your personal wisdom, exemplified with the creation of this web-platform for sharing!

  • Kenya:

    Your books are very enriching. I have used them in instruction of university students. Thank you very much.

  • Malawi:

    You will never understand the great job you are doing to someone like me who is willing to go further in the profession but can not afford a book!

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