Therapy Wars

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Publisher: Jossey-Bass

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    This volume provides a forum for eminent clinicians of diverse persuasions to share, in ordinary language, their clinical formulations of and treatment plans for the same psychotherapy patient— one not selected or nominated by those therapists—and then to discuss points of convergence and divergence in their recommendations. Imagine! In each of nine chapters, a different panel of three or four distinguished psychotherapists consults on a patient’s case and subsequently tries to learn from colleagues on the panel. (425 pp.)

    Chapter eBooks

    • The Clinical Exchange | Norcross, John C., Ph.D. , Saltzman, Nolan | 156 downloads
    • The Spaceman | Ellis, Albert , Frances, Allen, , Kline, Milton V. , Marmor, Judd | 446 downloads
    • The Diplomat | Mahrer, Alvin , Powell, Douglas H. , Rice, Laura , Stricker, George | 463 downloads
    • The Wallflower | Davis, John D. , Lazarus, Arnold , Wachtel, Paul | 141 downloads
    • The Envious Lover | Bugental, James F. T. , Davison, Gerald , DiClemente, Carlo C. , Sharma, Shridhar | 138 downloads
    • The Survivor | Beutler, Larry , Eth, Spencer , Harrison, Saul , Saltzman, Nolan | 200 downloads
    • The Don Juan | Bachant, Janet , Goldfried, Marvin , Greenberg, Leslie , Ujhely, Getrud | 184 downloads
    • The Make-Up Artist | Beitman, Bernard D. , Lederman, Elisabeth , Messer, Stanley , Thompson, J. Kevin | 133 downloads
    • The Returning Hero and the Absent Wife | Safran, Jeremy D. , Sollod, Robert , Textor, Martin | 486 downloads
    • The Adopted Sister | Fraillon, Janus , Guerney, Bernard, Jr. , Kirschner, Diana , Kirschner, Samuel | 116 downloads
    • The Contention and Convergence in the Psychotherapies | Giunta, Lucia , Norcross, John C., Ph.D. , Saltzman, Nolan | 136 downloads

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