The Technique of Psychotherapy


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“The best textbook of psychotherapy in existence today.” “Shows Wolberg’s extensive experience and enormous empathy.” “Deals with every conceivable question” “The most remarkably comprehensive discussions of what to do in psychotherapy.” “The range of topics covered is truly astounding.” “Stands in the forefront of the field” “Astonishing” “This is a very important book to be read and enjoyed by all clinicians.” “Replete with clinical dialogue.” (2639 pp.)


The Technique of Psychotherapy provides one of the most remarkably comprehensive discussions of specifically what to do in psychotherapy that is currently available. The range and specificity of the topics covered is truly astounding. The topics covered deal with almost every conceivable question that the beginning therapist might ask an expert. This book is remarkable not only in the comprehensiveness of its coverage of specific aspects of therapy, but also in the flexibility and freedom of dogmatism of the writer. Wolberg’s position appears to be best described as eclectic-psychoanalytic. Wolberg has something good to find in all varieties of psychotherapy. Insight therapy, catharsis, re-education, environmental manipulation, support, reassurance, hypnosis, dream interpretation, free association, and persuasion all have their place for different kinds of therapy and for different kinds of cases. It will be useful in teaching psychotherapy and as a reference for those who practice psychotherapy.

Julian B. Rotter

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