The Self and Therapy


Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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This is a book about our understanding of the self and of narcissism, healthy and pathological, over the course of history. Focusing on modern developments from the philosophical debates of the 17th-century to contemporary psychoanalytical conceptualizations, it has a direct import theoretically for personality theory and philosophical psychology, and practically for counseling, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis.

The book is unique in integrating the philosophical, psychological, and psychoanalytic traditions of understanding the self. It tells of the lives and cultural and historical situations of each thinker about self (freud, Hegel, Jung, Kierkegaard), thereby vivifying the theoretical and relating it to the personal. some of the author’s interpretations of these thinkers are original and offer new ways of understanding them: particularly Freud.

This volume raises personal, theoretical, and clinical issues for whomever reads its. It is not without answers, but the questions raised may be even more important. (422 pgs)

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