Specialized Techniques in Individual Psychotherapy

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    If social and economic developments and the complexities of our culture force us to develop better, more specific, and more successful psychotherapies, this is only to be welcomed. The more specific and better conceptualized the hypotheses concerning a given form of psychopathology and its treatment, the more effective a therapy it is likely to be. The present volume is dedicated to that proposition. We have asked a large number of psychotherapists with particular knowledge and experience to write about the specific problems and special techniques necessary for the treatment of patients with unique kinds of problems. (842 pp.)


    The collection, by a variety of authors with varied credentials, contains something for everybody, it covers every conceivable orientation. The book is worth study by both beginners and experienced psychotherapists, …the emphasis is on a solid presentation…clearly written and well edited.…I would happily and enthusiastically recommend this book to all who do individual psychotherapy. – Richard D. Chessick M.D., Ph.D.

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