Resistant Interactions: child, family and psychotherapist


Publisher: Human Sciences Press, Inc.

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In this original work, Robert Marshall demonstrates numerous approaches to helping hard-to-treat patients. He shows how to facilitate treatment with joining techniques such as mirroring, echoing, and reflection, and how the innovative concept of sequence therapy—a systemic analysis of child, adult, and familial resistance—and countertransference exploration can vastly improve a difficult therapeutic process, Resistant Interactions is a useful resource for clinicians with challenging patients, that is, every clinician. (510 pgs)

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5 comments on “Resistant Interactions: child, family and psychotherapist

  • R Parthasarathi says:


    As a practicing counselor & psychotherapist, free of fees, as a payback to the community, I am immensely benefited from the free e-reading facilitated by IPI.

  • Hermann Schultz says:

    Germany, China:

    Very helpful for dealing with resistant situations in psychotherapy. Thank you for this valuable source!

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