Radical Therapy


Publisher: Fideli Publishing

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    Radical Therapy is not so much a technical approach to therapy as it is an attitude toward the therapeutic process as a whole. Radical Therapy understands that the origin of psychic oppression is contained in the nature of institutions that participate in the formation of inner emotional conflict: isolated authoritarian nuclear family, the educational system, the mass media, the religious establishment, the regimented workplace, and the organs of state power. These institutions produce and reproduce class divisions, racism, sexism, self-seeking, alienation, authoritarianism, submissiveness, cynicism, and a host of other value orientations and emotional conditions. Hence, as much as is possible within a genuinely therapeutic context, radical therapists seek to encourage the spirit of rebelliousness rather than to belittle it as “adolescent,” and to encourage the spirit of social idealism rather than to crush it as “grandiosity.” (10 pp.)

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