Psychoanalytically Oriented Milieu Therapy


Publisher: Fideli Publishing

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    Psychoanalytically Oriented Milieu Therapy is the application of the theory of psychoanalytic ego psychology to the design of all aspects of an environment. The total milieu (including the physical setting, the structure and detail of the patients’ lives, and the staff who work daily with the patients) is used to provide the necessary conditions for the patient to resolve inner conflicts and develop strong, healthy personality structures. (9 pp.)

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    One comment on “Psychoanalytically Oriented Milieu Therapy”

    • harirpriyakvssn says:


      This book provoked my inner ideas and this therapy helped me to guide my clients in agood and provoking manner. I am looking forward to seeing more projects from you through your website.
      Thanks for developing such things

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