Problem Drinkers:Guided Self-Change Treatment

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Publisher: Guilford Press

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When chronic alcoholics receive the greatest amount of attention both clinically and in the public eye, problem drinkers—those who have identifiable life difficulties due to their drinking but are not severely dependent—actually constitute the majority of people who have trouble dealing with alcohol. Addressing the needs of this specific population, this book presents a program of state-of-the-art motivational interventions that are based on more than two decades of research by the authors. An accessible clinical guide to a highly effective approach, the book takes readers step-by-step through the program’s procedures, emphasizing clinical utility and applicability at each stage. Illustrated with numerous case examples, this unusually practical text also features handouts that can be photocopied for clients. (345 pp.)

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2 comments on “Problem Drinkers:Guided Self-Change Treatment

  • Angria B. says:


    Thank you. This will help a chronic drinker to break through the denial of the escalating use of alcohol. Much gratitude.

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