Principles of Behavior Modification


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This classic work presents basic psychological principles governing human behavior within the conceptual framework of social learning. Over the years an impressive body of knowledge about the mechanisms through which behavior is acquired and modified has been accumulated. But despite this vigorous growth of research on human behavior, a number of psychological processes that are highly influential in human functioning have been overlooked or only partially investigated. This volume reviews the theoretical and experimental advances in the field of social learning. It gives special emphasis to the important roles played by vicarious, symbolic, and self-regulatory processes, which receive relatively little notice even in most contemporary theories of behavior. (2012 pgs)

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7 comments on “Principles of Behavior Modification

  • Augusto Da Costa says:

    Timor Leste:

    Principles of Behavior Modification is a really good book in the Psychology Area. thanks for allowing me to download this remarkable book.

  • South Africa:

    This has been very helpful in my learning as a developing psychiatrist. Thank you for making it freely available.

  • Augusto Da Costa says:

    Timor Leste:

    This book is most valuable in helping me to deal with my life and my attitutudes

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