Piaget's Theory of Intellectual Development


Publisher: Prentice Hall

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    This volume contains an up-to-date presentation of Piaget’s theories, and explains their relevance to contemporary education. The Third Edition is updated to include a description of important work, particularly on development and learning, conducted during the last 10-15 years of Piaget’s life. (344 pp.)


    “…it is quite clear that (this book) will enable many readers already well acquainted with Piaget’s theory to explore his reasoning more deeply. It is not concerned with lengthy discussion or criticism, but provides, …a concise description and clear analysis of Piaget’s thought and work.”

    – from the forward by Bärbel Inhelder

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    One comment on “Piaget’s Theory of Intellectual Development”

    • Thailand:

      I am a play therapist, so this book will hopefully deepen my knowledge on the mechanics of psychotherapy.

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