Overcoming Our Relationship Fears:WORKBOOK


Publisher: International Psychotherapy Institute

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A series of exercises for individuals and couples who wish to learn how to release their Body-Mind-Relationship fear reflexes.  (285 pp.)

Also available in a Lithuanian translation.

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4 comments on “Overcoming Our Relationship Fears:WORKBOOK

  • Nancy Eichhorn, PhD says:

    United States:

    I started reading Dr Hedge’s book, Overcoming Your Relationship Fears, and I knew I wanted to also use his companion workbook. The concepts within the 7 Deadly Fears and their relational points within the body and the impact on our relations (with our Self and with others) fascinated me and I want to explore this in more detail and depth. Thank you Dr Hedges for making these publications available for Free. With gratitude, Nancy Eichhorn, PhD, Founding Editor, Somatic Psychotherapy Today, USA.

  • Pakistan:

    I have seen many websites to download a good quality of books, but this site is just awesome, a lot of books, interesting books free, i just love it, thank you soo much.

  • Kevin Johnson MA, MHP, LADC says:

    United States :

    Thank you. As a newer therapist, I appreciate the resource!

  • China:

    I’m a psychological counselor in China. I love the website and the books you offer for free. Thank you very much.

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