On Freud's Couch: seven new interpretations of Freud's case histories

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Publisher: Jason Aronson, Inc.

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“Matthis, Szecsödy and colleagues creatively examine seven of Freud’s major case reports to link the sources of his central discoveries to current debates in contemporary psychoanalytic theory. The ‘reexperiencing and restructuring’ of early psychoanalytic insights in contemporary terms revitalizes the discourse and invigorates the psychoanalytic enterprise for students and seasoned practitioners alike.”

Sidney J. Blatt


“Weaving together their own ideas with the findings of historians of psychoanalysis and with other psychoanalytic reanalysis of Freud’s case studies, the contributors to this very worthwhile book help us not only to understand better the origins of psychoanalysis but also to have sense of where we are today.”

Roy Schafer, Ph.D. and Rita Frankiel, Ph.D.

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2 comments on “On Freud’s Couch: seven new interpretations of Freud’s case histories

  • Rev Prof Stephen Mbugua Ngari says:

    Kenya :

    The resources supplied are very useful for teaching and psychotherapy. They are well conceptualized and applicable to Kenya mental health care needs

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