Near and Far:Closeness and Distance in Psychotherapy


Publisher: Rivercross Publishing, Inc.

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This book is groundbreaking in its exploration of the controversial question of the therapist’s humanness and personal involvement in the analytic process while still maintaining a psychoanalytic foundation and a sense of his own separateness and professionalism. NEAR AND FAR distills the experience-distance conceptual contributions of modern object relations theory, and presents it in a form which is experience-near, and thus highly relevant to the clinician. (227 pgs)

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One comment on “Near and Far:Closeness and Distance in Psychotherapy”

  • UK:

    This book is very timely as it discusses an issue we need to tackle in psychotherapy, the idea of near and far. For me this has manifested last year and this year as work with and around Zoom, Teams, Duo and a host of other means of connecting in the internet but perhaps not the connection, the close connection of `the room’ the space observed by two people or indeed a group of people.

    Well done

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