Mental Health Guidebook: for the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Publisher: International Psychotherapy Institute

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    This Handbook was created by a psychotherapist, supported by visual artists, in order to help the vulnerable and spread the sense of community in the world affected by pandemic.

    Please enjoy our free e-books, whether you’re a student just starting out, or an established professional who can afford to donate a few dollars to keep this project going.

    4 comments on “Mental Health Guidebook: for the Covid-19 Pandemic

    • Mirjana Ilic says:

      Italy :

      Valuable guide lines to discover and help ourself.
      Thank you from my heart.
      For sure I’ll spread the word.

    • Diah Karmiyati says:


      Very practical guidelines for first step to treat mental illnesses. Thank you

    • Ada Montalvo says:

      United States:

      The book has been a great resource guide for those who need education on tools and techniques approaches.

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