Interior Design: An Intervention in the Therapy Setting


Publisher: International Psychotherapy Institute

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In this ebook, the author discusses the physical environment of the therapy setting and its effect on client and therapist behavior, affect and interaction. She considers various factors contributing to the effect of physical properties of the treatment space such as: spatial relations, window placement and size, lighting, color, and design boundaries.  She introduces and discusses theories concerning the therapeutic frame, and environmental programming.  She specifies environmental needs and primary requirements.  Having put together the theories of the therapeutic frame and interior design, she discusses their implications for psychotherapy.

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One comment on “Interior Design: An Intervention in the Therapy Setting”

  • Patti Thompson says:


    It was an interesting read. There were several opinions or perspectives that run contrary to my training.
    Nonetheless a good piece to use with new therapists as office design, it’s communications (conscious and unconscious) and symbolism are rarely discussed.
    Thank you

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