Harm Reduction Psychotherapy


Publisher: Jason Aronson, Inc.

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The approach described and illustrated here is an example of harm reduction psychotherapy for active substance users that is based on an integration of psychodynamic and social learning theories in its understanding of substance use problems and in the combining of cognitive and behavioral self-management strategies with psychodynamic interventions in the treatment process

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3 comments on “Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

  • Mundi Patrick Supji says:


    This has helped me, and it’s still helping me advance my knowledge of teaching and practice of clinical psychology in the University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Words cannot express my sincere appreciation to the International Psychotherapy Institute. Thank you.

  • Romania:

    As all the e books on this site, this one is a helpful challenge for any psychotherapist. Thank you for all the effort and work from IPI; it’s extremely useful for healthcare professionals.

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