Fairbairn, Then and Now

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W.R.D. Fairbairn was both a precursor and an architect of revolutionary changes in psychoanalysis. Through a handful of tightly reasoned papers written in the 1940s and 1950s, Fairbairn emerged as an incisive, albeit relatively obscure, voice in the wilderness, at considerable remove from mainstream Freudian and Kleinian psychoanalysis. But in the 1970s Harry Guntrip made Fairbairn’s thinking more accessible to a wide readership, and Fairbairn’s object relations theory, with its innovative theoretical and clinical concepts, was at the center of the turn toward relational thinking that swept psychoanalysis in the 1980s and 1990s.

Fairbairn, Then and Now is a landmark volume, because a thorough grasp of Fairbairn’s contribution is crucial to any understanding of what is taking place within psychoanalysis today. And Fairbairn’s work remains a treasure trove of rich insights into the problems and issues in theory and clinical practice with which analysts and therapists are struggling today.

This is particularly propitious time for renewed focus on Fairbairn’s contribution. A wealth of previously unpublished material has recently emerged, and the implications of Fairbairn’s ideas for current developments in trauma, dissociation, infant research, self theory, field therapy, and couple and family therapy are becoming increasingly clear. The conference that stimulated the contributions to this volume by internationally eminent Fairbairn clinicians and scholars was a historically important event, and Fairbairn, Then and Now makes the intellectual ferment generated  by this event available to all interested readers.

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2 comments on “Fairbairn, Then and Now

  • Virginia Berkholz says:

    United Kingdom:

    Thank you so much for this e-book on Fairbairn. I recently attended an online CPD webinar (by David Celani) on Fairbairn and I find his work so insightful. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity in providing these e-books.

  • Barbara Atherton says:

    United Kingdom:

    It was the final cherry on my cake of self discovery. In the 80’s I was lucky enough to be seeing a Consultant who had been one of Jock Sutherland’s analysands after a dreadful traumatic
    experience. In some passages of the book as I skimmed through. I recognised myself. And I felt privileged to have Jock S. as my psychoanalytic grandfather
    I needed but was unable to accept what she was offering me and she was unable to see me any further anyway though she kept in touch.
    It has taken me 35 yrs to finally ‘get it’ and having access to this book made me see what was and is on offer in the world, but I obviously needed to continue with my self-denial before I could reach this point and finally start loving myself and others. That was then and this is now!
    A powerful theory. Even more powerful practice.
    Thank you for providing this book.

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