Dream Analysis in Psychotherapy


Publisher: Pergamon Press

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Weiss adapts Dr. Hattie Rosenthal’s method of interpretation to make it compatible with a number of theoretical orientations. This book is for the clinician, regardless of theoretical orientation, who would like to learn new skills and make more use of dream interpretation in work with clients, to reach core issues more quickly in psychotherapy and shorten the psychotherapeutic process. (209 pages)

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5 comments on “Dream Analysis in Psychotherapy

  • Timoteo A. says:


    “Thank you so much for the dream interpretation. I really need this kind of knowledge”

  • Iran:

    Thank you so much for free access to the pdf of the newest psychology books.
    In my country all cites are filtered and restricted.
    You gave me a great chance to get the books I need to update my knowledge of my major, psychology and counseling.

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