Depressive Disorders: Facts, Theories, and Treatment

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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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“In 20 very substantive chapters written by 26 outstanding authors, this volume spans three general areas: theories of depression, symptomatology of the depressive syndrome, and clinical treatments for affective disorders. Each section is highly informative and broadly representative of the field. Behavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytic, interpersonal, biological, and genetic perspectives are all well-represented. Even more exceptional, perhaps, is that almost every chapter is remarkably evenhanded and thorough…A valuable contribution to the field. Having coordinated and constructed broad-minded yet discerning review of so many aspects of depression, these editors and authors provide numerous opportunities for the reader to explore and integrate wide-ranging perspectives on affective disorders. Students, faculty, and professionals alike would do well to add this book to their personal libraries.”
—Contemporary Psychology

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5 comments on “Depressive Disorders: Facts, Theories, and Treatment

  • Patrick Kanyi says:

    Kenya. :

    This is very informative more so a time like this. Would help me a lot in my studies. God bless you good people.

  • Esto Lomanat says:


    As a perpetual student of psychology working for the children and youth in northern Kenya, this resource book is a big catch!
    Just skimmed through the titles and most of what I learnt long time ago, I realised I had almost forgotten or I just had a clue and now has been put right in perspective.
    I love this book and it’s comprehensive, professional and collegial expert write up!
    Thank you!

  • Ashmita shahi says:


    As I am student of BSW working on the child development and research .In the development of the child a major problem that the children has to facing now days was various type of mental illness .They even do not know what they were facing in their life .And this article help me to make them clear about the illness that they are suffering from.
    thank you for this.

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