Analysis of Delinquency and Aggression


Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

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This volume is organized about two central themes; the experimental analysis of aggression, and the application of learning principles to the prevention and modification of delinquency. The chapters, all new and original, demonstrate how the problems of aggression, which have been interpreted in diverse ways, can be analyzed under controlled laboratory conditions. In addition, the contributors offer an explanation of how behavior modification techniques, derived from this knowledge, can be used for preventative purposes.

Because of the social nature of aggression and delinquency, behavior change techniques are principally aimed at modifying environmental influences. The contributions to this volume illustrate how behavioral scientists may aid in the understanding and amelioration of conditions that give rise to violence. (674 pgs)

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  • indonesia:

    as an academician in a developing country, we have to find a way how to get good books that match with our limited budget.

    this website gives us a way to solve our problem.

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  • Elvira Cardeña says:


    This will be very helpful in my practice with aggressive teenagers. Thanks.

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