Achieving Success With ADHD:Secrets from an Afflicted Professor of Medicine


Publisher: International Psychotherapy Institute

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This book describes tricks and tactics, strategies and systems, all based on behavioral modification. (49 pp.)

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4 comments on “Achieving Success With ADHD:Secrets from an Afflicted Professor of Medicine

  • Meera Beharry says:

    United States:

    I have shared this book with patients, their parents/guardians, colleagues and staff to help them understand the behavior changes that need to accompany medical management. I’ve also read and re-read it a few times to help myself!

    I’d be happy to collaborate with Dr. Sachar to write pediatric and adolescent versions of this book!

  • India:

    This is a noble attempt to make knowledge available to the needy. All who can support should support this endeavor. Psychology students and practitioners stand to gain immensely from this.

  • Fungai Washington Marondo says:

    Namibia :

    I have greatly benefited from your books and they have become handy for me to get more information on special needs education and adult care.

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