A Psychoanalytic Process from Beginning to Termination


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Dr. Volkan draws the reader into his treatment of Jennifer, a patient with near borderline, and narcissistic personalities, from start to finish, using both modern and classical psychoanalytic techniques. (64 pp.)

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2 comments on “A Psychoanalytic Process from Beginning to Termination

  • Sofia Shepsis says:

    United States:

    I am a beginning therapist practicing psychodynamically and currently struggling with a patient who has a narcissistic character structure.

  • Dieu Van, Doan says:


    I think via this way, we can receive a lot of books in the field of psychology. With these books considered as the references, we can teach my students at Ho Chi Minh University of Education better.
    Thank you very much for support us.
    Dieu Van, Doan

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