A Heart Shattered, The Private Self, and A Life Unlived


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Stark’s newest book speaks not only to patients who are fundamentally schizoid (concealing their true self behind a self-protective facade) but also to patients who, in the moment, have psychically retreated because their heart has been so badly hurt. Recognizing and responding to the patient’s self-protective ego, the therapist will foster a therapeutic regression, thereby enabling the patient to relinquish denial of object need.

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2 comments on “A Heart Shattered, The Private Self, and A Life Unlived

  • Judith B Rosenberger says:

    United States:

    Martha’s work is clear, direct, uncompromising without being harsh. I have been emboldened by her tone as well as learning new ways of thinking about the issues she addresses so beautifully. Judith Rosenberger, Phd

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