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GURU: Metaphors from a Psychotherapist
GURU: Metaphors from a Psychotherapist
Author: Kopp, Sheldon
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I have spent a very significant portion of my adult life immersed in that tough and tender dialogue known as psychotherapy, first as a patient and then as a therapist (and at times as a patient once more). Again and again I have felt that at last I really knew what I was doing. And again and again I have returned to the feeling that I don't know what the hell it is all about.... At first it seemed very strange to me that the readings that helped me the most to trust what went on in my work as a psychotherapist were tales of Wizards and Shamans, of Hasidic Rabbis, Desert Monks and Zen Masters. Not the materials of science and reason, but the stuff of poetry and myth instructed me best. So it was that I chose to write this book of metaphors. (225 pp.)


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