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"The free books I've downloaded help with my professional development anytime I have a moment free to read in between patients.", LISA, USA
"I am considering taking my counselling career down the child therapy path and these books have aided my decision to train in further qualifications.", KRIS, ENGLAND, UK
"Your site is very important for me as a medical doctor who prefers to specialize in psychiatric program.", ABDULKHALIQ OSMAN SH., SOMALIA
"I work with many children who have complex trauma and have been in foster care. Further I also work with adults and groups and these books have been so helpful that I am able to share them with some of my clients.", DIXIE, USA
""This will definately help me with my psychotherapy hnd. Thank you"", KALVINDER K., WEST MIDLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM
"I have followed many of your publications. This really helps me in my clinical work. It enlarges my collective knowledge and interventions.", ABDUL KARIM YUSOFF, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
"I had been looking for this book for long time. Thank you so much.", NANTHAKA F., เชียงใหม่, THAILAND
"This is the best book for preparation of competitive exams.", PRAKASH CHAND, INDIA
"Your books are very useful since I am a psychologist working with various clients.", JARMILA BUJAK STANKO, SERBIA
"IPI ebooks is definitely very useful. Some of the books I've downloaded have given an insight into approaches not yet known to me while some extend my knowledge in more familiar fields.", M G, HUNGARY
"I am a psychoanalyst and interpreter from Russia. For many years there were very few psychoanalytic books in our country and we fall behind the modern course of psychoanalysis. In order to catch up I choose articles in English and translate them and discuss them with my colleagues.", NATALIA TKACHENKO, RUSSIA
"paldies par iespēju.", MORIS D., RīGA, LATVIA
"I feel happy to get your books. It helps me to improve my knowledge and help others in counselling.", DEVADHAS M., தமிழ் நாடு, INDIA
"I am a final year student pursuing masters in psychology at the maharaja sayajirao university of baroda. Your books help me great deal with academics and will assist my application when I begin my career.", PRIYA, INDIA
"You are a wonderful site and I'm lucky to have found you!! Keep up the good work.", MARIA STAVROU, CYPRUS EU PART
"These books help me to gain knowledge and broaden my perspectives in the mental health field. ", RAJ, SRILANKA
"As a clinical psychologist it is extremely important to be able to study these concepts. Thank you for the free materials. ", DOT ROBERTSON, SOUTH AFRICA
"I work with trauma sufferers who are often not aware of the need for their participation in the process. They are already overwhelmed by their issues, they do not believe that they are also part of the success of their treatment. This book might help as resource of empowerment", KIMBLE PERRY, UNITED KINGDOM
"You're providing useful guidance and an easy-to-read format.", XIAOCHUN X., 江苏, CHINA
"When I am researching a specific topic related to a lecture for my students or for helping a specific client, having your resources is invaluable.", DON ROSENBERG, USA
"I frequently find treating children of these ages the most difficult. I'm Hoping Sarnoff's books on latency will provide new ideas for moving forward.", KERRY RAGAIN, PHD, UNITED STATES
"I work with teenagers with complicated needs in a secondary school and have just started a sensory circuit for kids with ADHD and am also getting training for lego therapy which will help these kids to focus more. These books hopefully will give me a deeper understanding of the needs of these children.", GAIL NEWSON, UK
"Your books help me gain a wider perspective on various elements and methods in psychotherapy.", ANGELA, KENYA
"I've just found out about this site. I really hope it could provide me books that I need to continue my study. Right now I'm a resident at Psychiatric Department in one of the great university of my country, Indonesia.", JEANE RACHEL E., JAWA TIMUR, INDONESIA
"I really appreciate the fact we can freely reach these books and gain from the experience of the authors through this website.", BURCU, TURKEY
"In my professional and life opinion it is good practice to share positive empowering advice and ideas to enable yourself and others to live in harmony with themselves. I am currently enjoying reading and, learning and sharing with others. Thank you for the insights.", RACHEL HOE, ENGLAND
"I work with children that have behavioral problems and also children that has been physically, emotionally and sexually abused. I have downloaded some IPI ebooks that have been very helpful and children responsd well with the therapy.", EDGARDO JIMENEZ, MIAMI
"Very valuable to stay up to date and informed of various thoughts on issues, techniques, etc.", SHARON KLEMPNER, USA
"Your site is useful for all who want to understand about psychology.", SUDIP, NEPAL
"I work with 68 children from 3 institutions. From 2 months old to 22 years. All are severely mentally and physically disabled. Many of the children also suffer from severe ADHD. These books are a source of invaluable information. Thank you for sharing.", KIM, SOUTH AFRICAA
"The books I download here always help me to have better insight in clients problems.", KLAVDIJA, SLOVENIA
"these free ebooks can help me learn about how to extend my capacity as a psychologist, especially in clinical use..", AGUSTIN DWI, INDONESIA
"I am an art therapist and these are valuable resources for my work", SRUTHI SRIRAM, INDIA
"Extremely useful for those working in and with the special needs sector.", R P SINGH, INDIA
"These texts are going to be pivotal in assisting my clients with the psychological issues they will come to me for assistance with.", SINETHAMSANQA NGCOBO, SOUTH AFRICA
"I am interested in studying the inner world of children.", RAJKUMAR, INDIA
"I'm so happy about this book", WARONA S., SOUTH-EAST, BOTSWANA
"Thank you very much, these books were very important for my education.", JARMILA BUJAK STANKO, SERBIA
"I am currently doing a Councillor course for addiction and am looking for as much reading material for inspiration and knowledge on the subject so that I can help still suffering addicts.", KAREN, SOUTH AFRICA
"Your books are broadening my understanding as a psychology student.", LISA VAN DYK, SOUTH AFRICA
"Thanks for sharing your library. I am writing my thesis on a patient case related with addiction and narcissism.", MARIA PAYRO, MEXICO CITY
"You are doing a good job with the alerts and the valuable books that are available for us.", CLAUDETTE, JAMAICA
"I think this website is very great! I have never seen anything like it! Thank you very much for making this site possible! :D", KRIZEL TORRES, PHILIPPINES
"I am working in district child protection unit, so I need all these psychology related books you are offering. ", JOGINDER KUMAR, INDIA
"I am an assistant professor of Psychology as well as a certified CBT and Hypnotherapist, so the books are required to increase my knowledge base.", DR ANU TEOTIA, INDIA
"This is fantastic - how many highly interesting books you make available for the psychoanalytic- psychotherapeutic community world-wide. I wish to express my thanks and admiration. And I hope that you do, as I do: NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Warmest regards: assoc. prof. Imre Szecsödy", IMRE S., BLEKINGE LäN, SWEDEN
"I am doing my PhD on psychosocial intervention for postpartum depression. This book will be very helpful to understand more on the concepts.", TELAKE AZALE, ETHIOPIA
"This site supplied me the information I needed to complete my assignments.", RENE, NEW ZEALAND
"I think your site is amazing. It is wonderful that you offer so much for free. I have worked for 15 years in the mental health field and believe that what your provide here for people is a great gift. It allows psychotherapy to be provided in areas that may otherwise miss out. Thankyou so very much. James Colin Australia", JAMES C., AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY, AUSTRALIA
"Thank you for your books. I look forward to receiving them and have gained so much from reading them. Your site is so full of information. Really appreciate it.", NAN CAMERON, AUSTRALIA
"These books have helped me to improve my knowledge and skills in counselling.", SOLOMON WAMBUA, KENYA
"I think that this website IPI E-Books is contributing in empowering people with knowledge and keeping them on par with the latest trends and current issues on Psychology. Continue with the great blessings which you are giving forward. My gratitude to the TEAM who makes this possible. Thank you!!! Dankie!!! Enkosi!!!", NERESHNEE M., WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA
"IPI ebooks provides timely thinking in my field. Easy to use on my smartphone and at no cost. A superb resource!", ELAINEBAGBY, USA
"This site is a great help for professionals to keep up to date. Thanks.", ELVIRA, MEXICO
"IPI ebooks have helped me in my personal and professional lives. Both are important ways for development.", SARBU CARMEN, ROMANIA
"An excellent collection for specialists and individuals looking for informed reading material", PANAYIOTIS LIANOS, GREECE
"Very helpful books both for my academics and for general knowledge. Thanks a lot for this and please keep up the good job.", ROUBI, TURKEY
"IPI's books are providing an option to improve my knowledge and skills in the field of psychotherapy.", GEORGI DZHUPANOV, BULGARIA
"Trainer for a small Service provider for clients with challenging behaviours. Also co-facilitator for a DV program. Hopeful this book can be a resource.", PHILLIP ROBERTS, AUSTRALIA
"Great to have this content, thank you very much", GOUR, CHILE
"I have been using the books on your site for a number of years and they are very useful in giving me information for my papers. Thank you!", ARNOLD PITT, TRINIDAD
"The books I've downloaded from IPI are helpful for reference, reading and studying.", SARAH, GHANA
"Your books are very valuable as I discuss with my class the various therapy approaches. ", ROLANDO, PHILIPPINES
"IPI E.Books is the very best Library", HERRY MGOMBELE, TANZANIA
"I am completing a M.Phil Clinical Psychology. Behavior therapy is part of syllabus and I appreciate these valuable downloads. ", RADHIKA, INDIA
"These resources are wonderful in my practice as a trauma counsellor at a sexual assault centre which is non profit. There's not much money for training or resources, so your site is very appreciated.", DYNEISHA, CANADA
"I appreciate more information on various group therapy and disorders. Thank you IPI E Books for the free downloads. I have a lot of reading to do.", FRANK WILLIAMS, UNITED STATES
"Your books help me to understand the key concepts and also to build a strong knowledge base about many disorders.", SHEEBA, INDIA
"This is a wonderful resource for Art Therapists who are working with clients who have substance and addiction issues. Working in a state facility, this site is a great support for professional and educational literature.", JERILYN KLINGENBERG, USA
"Fantastic resource. I shall look into distance learning training from IPI.", SHAHID R., PAKISTAN
"This site has been an invaluable resource to me whilst being in training to be a psychotherapist . I have enjoyed the breadth of the material and eagerly await more.", MEI-LING T., BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM
"The IPI ebooks come in really handy as additional literature for psychotherapy exams.", KATARINA, SLOVENIA
"My friend sent me the address of your site. I am very happy to have these books and to further develop my knowledge as a therapist. Thanks to the authors and the IPI team.", ALENKA K., LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA
"I am a master psychology student focusing in psychoanalysis, so the books help me in my training.", ANA SCHMIDT, GERMANY
"The books are highly useful because my country does not have any digital or print editions of the ones I download. Thank you so much for the huge labor of making these resources available.", ADOLF DíAZ, MEXICO
"These books are tremendous resource for teachers and students of psychotherapy.", EUGENIJUS, LITHUANIA
"Look forward to these books and have gained so much information from them. Thank you.", NAN CAMERON, AUSTRALIA
"As a trainee counsellor, your books surely help me to determine my weaknesses and help me develop for my future.", AMIE, MALAYSIA
"I will use the books as part of my Literature Review for my research project", DONNA, JAMAICA
"Not enough words to express my gratitude for the oportunity to read the books I found on this site! Thank you!", MARIA, ROMANIA
"The books I have from You are marvelous, professional and stimulating for new ways of thinking and consciousness widening. Best regards and success", BORIS J., žUPANIJA, CROATIA
"I am using your books for my graduate studies Master in Science in SW course.", ALLAN, PHILIPPINES
"The specific content; the range of topics covered; the recovery of older texts - all of this is so helpful BOTH in conceptual understanding AND in informing therapeutic practice.", DAVID FIELD, UNITED KINGDOM
"Thank you for this site. There are so many people who will benefit from these books in terms of knowledge and practise - open source knowledge is the future and espouses people over profit wherever possible. Thanks again.", JOHN C., KENT, UNITED KINGDOM
"Your site has been very useful to researchers and those seeking knowledge", P.N OGUALILI, NIGERIA
"These books are really useful for me when I do presentations in college.", FARAH BASHAR, IRAQ
"IPI ebooks help me to continue to learn and develop in order to provide a better service in my work", GLORIA PREST, UNITED KINGDOM
"I love your site. As a MD I have gained many new original ideas from your books.", VEDAT P., ADANA, TURKEY
"It's very important to read a lot, especially as a psych working to help clients. These books give me needed guidance.", MARIANET T., CEBU, PHILIPPINES
"I work with several kids that are diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. These materials assist in my work.", THOMAS MCCLAIN, USA
"You are introducing valuable works some of which were unknown or hard to get. A great deal of your selection is modern classic in the field i.e. timeless, useful, thought provoking and very useful on the practical level. It’s been extreme pleasure reading your books and very, very useful professionally.", PROF. ORLIN T, BULGARIA
"I am a mental health therapist working with children and adolescents. Your free books are helpful to my practice. ", ATASHI SENGUPTA, INDIA
"Fantastic resources! Thank you so much. Keep up the wonderful work, it is deeply appreciated.", LEZELLE, SOUTH AFRICA
"I found your valuable site through my research. I'm interested in bpd couples. ", CAROLIN, SPAIN
"I am currently a teacher at Uni level on Sexuality counseling. The free books you provide on the subject are valuable in my work. ", VIJAY RAMANJOOLOO, MAURITIUS
"I am finding the books I have so far have helped to expand my current knowledge in a number of ways, which I very much appreciate.", VIVIEN HENDERSON, AUSTRALIA
"This site is extremely invaluable. It has introduced me to a whole new genre, and expanded my knowledge & skills.", ELAINE ESHERWOOD, UNITED KINGDOM
"I need as much information as possible to write an assignment on transference. Your site has provided valuable resources for my research. ", NATHALIE, IRELAND
"Your books have helped me to grow professionally.", IDZAI MUCHABAIWA, MALAWI
"I have found the information in the books has informed my approach in my practice.", NAN CAMERON, AUSTRALIA
"I am constantly amazed at the wonderful resources provided by this website. Much appreciated.", DEIRDRE L., COUNTY CARLOW, IRELAND
"I love that I can download free books here. I'm a student Clinical psychologist. Thank you for making this book free to download. I know it will help me find answers to my questions.", CHIDIEBUBE, NIGERIA
"This is great collection and it is a nice tool to disseminate knowledge.", M K A., سندھ, PAKISTAN
"I am social worker working in Temporary Safe Care- Department of Social Development - Governmental Institution. I am working with children affected by neglect; sexual, physical, emotional abuse, rejection, troubled behavior. Their ages range from 0-12. My wish is to understand these children and be able to help and relieve their pain. Some cannot even express their feelings. This is my first time downloading from your site, and I am hopeful that your resources will help me in my work. ", KATHY, SOUTH AFRICA
"The free ebooks are very useful to me in terms of my PhD study.", MATT SINACA, PHILIPPINES
"As a 3rd year counselling student I think these informative books will see me do well in my approaches with clients and lead to a better understanding for us both.", TEREZIA, NEW ZEALAND
"Thank you for providing access to a very useful website and easy to download books.", SHERINE ABDELMISSIH, EGYPT
"Well researched material and can be understood by a layman.", CHRISTINE, ZIMBABWE
"Thank you very much. It is very useful, especially for a practitioner from a developing country.", GUNAWAN S., JAWA TENGAH, INDONESIA
"עכשיו סיימתי לימודים של פסיכולוגיה קלינית ואני מעוניין לקרוא כמה שיותר.", אלי ססובר, ישראל
"I am learning about psychology and this book is useful in my study. I will definitely return to this site.", MIRELA, ROMANIA
"This is a great idea to spread knowleadge all over the web!", IEVA L., RīGA, LATVIA
"As a counselor in corrections, we are always looking for new ways to motivate our clients to change. For my work in juvenile detention, activity focused groups tend to get the best input.", KAREN EDWARDS, MA, LGPC, US
"Your site is easy to access and fundamental to all therapists.", .,
"This is one of the most remarkable online resources for people looking for information to continue their own personal development in the field of therapy and psychology.", LAWRENCE AKERS, AUSTRALIA
"I am a counsellor so any of these books can help develop treatment plans", CANDICE BURSEY, CANADA
"Las reseñas me ayudan a decidir la compra del material. Muchas gracias.", ESTELA VIVERN, ARGENTINA
"I am using the books on your site to learn more about narcissistic people and how to handle them.", TRACY, SOUTH AFRICA
"I am taking courses in Applied Behavior Analysis and a section in this book was required reading.", JEFF HAWKINS, USA
"As a Marriage Counselor the books provided will equip me with more knowledge, skill and understanding on helping couples make their marriages work.", SAMUEL, KENYA
"IPI ebooks allow me to read on a wide range of topics before deciding if I want to keep a hard copy book for reference or in my office.", SKY BUCKMAN, AUSTRALIA
"I am a dance teacher and want to use this in my practice.", YARA MAYER, CZECH REPUBLIC
"This site helps me to inform my practice.", VICKY, U.K
"I am studying to become a BCBA and work in the public school system. These will be helpful as I collaborate with parents.", CHRI FREEPSYCH, UNITED STATES
"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to broaden horizons. LR", RUTA L., VILNIAUS APSKRITIS, LITHUANIA
"I work as a school counselor and am working towards becoming an Applied Behavioral Analyst. These books serve to augment my knowledge and help me recognize issues which I would need to refer to another mental health practitioner.", ASHLEY HARRELL, UNITED STATES
"This site gives me a great opportunity to keep myself updated in my field, Thanks!", LIDIA, MEXICO
"These free ebooks are so useful in my job with children. The tips written in these books help me to improve my performance at work.", ALMA, ALBANIA
"IPI ebooks will be valuable tools to help me to prepare adequately for my clients.", CHERRILYN WARDE CRAWFORD, ST. KITTS
"As a Counselor, these books help me in my practice. Psychotherapy is what we do and the books help me to be better in my field", GIFT, NIGERIA
"I'm happy to get e-book to improve my knowledge about psychology.", PENNAPHA S., ปทุมธานี, THAILAND
"It is indeed a very good place to go for finding important books.", KIM THOMAS D., FREDERIKSBERG, DENMARK
"Perfect for beginning therapists!", LUCIE PERINOVA, CZECH REPUBLIC
"I am very grateful for all those interesting books that you offer to everyone of us for free. Eleni, Greece", ELENI G., Αττική, GREECE
"Your free ebooks help me deal with my patients and I am grateful for letting me download them.", MANUEL, ITALY
"I like this site, because it provides me with articles I need.", PROF. MUHAMMAD HIZBULLAH, NIGERIA
"I use the books for my education. I'm currently studying a Level 3 on Therapeutic Skills. I also enjoy this site for personal interest.", CLAIRE WYBURN, UK
"These books develop & enhance my ability to understand the people I counsel", JANE VINK, NEW ZEALAND
"I believe that you are doing a good service to all the people who subscribe. Information is good it helps to bring about change,", NORLYNE, GUYANA
"A variety of clients require a variety of skills. Your site makes it possible.", HARIKRISHNAN ALINGAL, INDIA
"These will compliment the books I am reading for my masters degree in counseling, I was trying to find a book in particular.", MICHELLE MULLER, UNITED STATES
"Studded with books written by masters!", DINESH N., ಕನಾ೯ಟಕ, INDIA
"I've found the books are really useful for my practice.", JUAN AMóRTEGUI, COLOMBIA
"This is a wonderful site. I am working in the humanitarian sector and this book can help me to better treat and counsel people.", MOHAMMAD HARIS, AFGHANISTAN
"Thank you for the reference. This is very helpful for discussions with my students in graduate school.", ROLANDO, PHILIPPINES
"Your site helps me when working with clients. I save a lot of time - I don't have to go to the library as often.", VESNA, SLOVENIA
"The materials offered here support my psychotherapy practice and teaching.", FLAVIA, UK
"I teach substance abuse courses to prepare future addiction counselors at a community college. I also hold an LCSW and do PRN Group Counseling in the area of opiate dependence.", TARA J. WAGNER, UNITED STATES
"Your books support learning and development of therapeutic practice.", JEANNIE HARDY, ENGLAND
"I am a Development Mental Health Therapist, always learning. I appreciate your generosity.", PATRICIA COVE, CANADA
"Your books have been valuable references in my research to make infographics about ocd facts rarely known by the public", TRI HERTANTO, INDONESIA
"I am interested in symbol formation and its representations during the therapy with both children and adults.", IRYNA NYKONOVA, Украина
"Seus livros são ótimos, tenho certeza que eles me ajudarão muito na minha carreira profissional, obrigado IPI.", OLIVIA VALE GALVãO, BRASIL
"In everyday life, one needs to understand the root cause of individual behavioural patterns and hence a need to get more knowledge and your free books will serve the purpose.", LUCAS TSHEOLA, SOUTH AFRICA
"My practice with children and adults living with ADHD was greatly enhanced from reading Achieving Success with ADHD by David B Sachar, MD!", DIANA GUBISEH-AYALA, UNITED STATES
"This site has been very helpful indeed. Thank you very much for all these free resources!", MODUPE WIGWE, NIGERIA
"IPI books are very useful in my psychotherapy studies! thank you", ANDREA BALINT, HUNGARY
"Je suis psychologue et cela sera un atout formidable pour ma pratique", MARTINE, CANADA, QUéBEC
"This seems like an amazingly helpful site for both therapists and those in the therapy process. Only good can come of a greater knowledge and understanding of all the processes at play. Thank you!", JAY F., WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA
"The information will assist me as I lecture in one of our local universitiies", GRACE KIKUVI, KENYA
"I am currently attending college to become a Substance Abuse Counselor and these books will help me be the best counselor I can. Thank you!", MICHELLE V. JEWELL, UNITED STATES
"This book will be fundamental in my research about modern psychoanalysis.", GERALDO G., MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL
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"I am Librarian at Northwest General Hospital in Pakistan and we are very much thankful to your kind efforts to have free books", ASHRAF ALI BABAR, PAKISTAN
"The materials are very comprehensive and concise. Cover in brief a lot of material.", PROF. DANIEL STEIN, MD, ISRAEL
"I LOVE this website. It helps me keep up with the latest info that's out there. Thank you so much for existing!!!!", BARBRA S., GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA
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"These books expand the arsenal of means of providing psychological support to combatants", NATASHA VOLYNETS, UKRAINE
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"I am a psychologist investigating Gestalt Therapy and I want to get a taste before I invest money and time into more indepth training.", LINDA MUIR, AUSTRALIA
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"I'm working on promoting creativity and imagination and the motivation to learn and hence am conducting workshops for teachers, school authorities and parents. I've chosen books on play because in our changing culture, play is viewed as a waste of time. Thanks for the thought of sharing ideas for free. I love that philosophy!", M. CERINA REBELLO, INDIA
"I am a psychologist in training as these books are helpful in helping me formulate my patients to inform a more effective treatment", TSHEPISO NKUNA, SOUTH AFRICA
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"In India it is rare to get books on Counselling and psychotherapy .only few old books are available for references. Your site is a real jackpot for people perusing studies in psychotherapy .", DAMODHARAN, INDIA
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"In my counseling practice, these books are a source of valuable reference and guide.", RHUMY AMITH, SRI LANKA
"This site is helpful to my growth in my field of study. Once I have a good feeling for a book, I like to purchase the paperback version for my library.", JEANNE VAN DER MERWE, SOUTH AFRICA
"Fantastic supplementary addition to my grief counselling toolkit. Thanks, as always, for making this resource available!", MARTIN M., AYRSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM
"I love to read your books because I am studying therapy and psychology.", VALENTINE, KENYA
"I am a student and a cousellor for hundreds of students who have LD, ADD, ADHD, Autism, etc. and I give them free consultation and services to help parents help their children. Your resource is very helpful for me to understand this vast area of Child therapy and help parents.", MUSKAAN KHANNA, INDIA
"Thanks , this site is very helpful. It is a wonderful source of educational books.", JAKLIN S., الغربية, EGYPT
"These books are helpful in being able to take a look at how other practitioners in the field are approaching various disorders and themes.", CLINT, THE NETHERLANDS
"I am a working psychotherapist. I have found these books very useful. I believe that it is always useful to see how other people understand and work with the issues that come into the therapy room so as to increase the tools I have at my disposal and my skill set for the benefit of those who place their trust in me.", OLIVIA CARR, IRELAND
"I am a student pursuing a master degree in counselling psychology and these books have helped me to acquire new knowledge, and have better understanding of issues.", BEATRICE CATHERIN, KENYA
"I am organising parenting workshops with the aim of informing and educating parents about the development of anxiety in the young, and how to support anxious children. These free resources are extremely helpful in that endeavour.", GLORIA PREST, UNITED KINGDOM
"I am in a country where paying for books online is impossible due to not-good-enough banking system.", WAI YAN MINN AUNG, MYANMAR
"A Holy Grail of a support to a therapist who begins his therapeutical journey. So grateful for your free resources. Thank you", JEKATERINA KURILOVA, UNITED KINGDOM
"I love to read all your books, it is a very valuable source of knowledge", DECIO D., SãO PAULO, BRAZIL
"Valuable access to professional books. Thanks", ILONA GOROG, ROMANIA
"These books are giving me a profound insight in my training as a therapist. They are giving me valuable knowledge that would be hard to come by in any other way.", PATRICK KANYI, KENYA
"I am a drama therapist and this ebook about play and evolution will be of great interest to me and help me provide a truly enriching service to children and young people with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. Thank you!", MARISA LATIMER, UK
"The information in these books is invaluable in my quest to become a competent therapist. I believe your free books will add to my knowledge and aid in my skills.", PATRICK KANYI, KENYA
"This helps me broaden my scope as a therapist to children!", AMY, USA
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