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Survivors: Stories & Strategies to Heal the Hurt
Survivors: Stories & Strategies to Heal the Hurt
Author: Preston, John Psy.D.
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In this book, John Preston gives the reader a kind of “advance map of the territory” to help prepare for the journey of living through emotional pain. He's written this book to share some of what has been learned about human emotions and emotional healing, to separate fact from fiction. (There’s a lot of fiction out there these days!) The material in this book comes from numerous sources but is drawn primarily from a large body of sound scientific research in psychology. It will help you more fully understand human emotional reactions and, perhaps more important, to look very specifically at ways to help yourself get through difficult times. And, along the way, you'll see how each of four people — like you, human beings with the capacity to heal — took action that helped them to deal with and grow beyond their emotional pain. (216 pp.)

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